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2023 Leadership Seminar


June 2-4, 2023

Saint Anselm College
Manchester, NH

We are pleased to announce that HOBY New Hampshire will host its 2023 leadership seminar at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. The annual three-day seminar will be filled with interactive activities and workshops that allowed students to discover their personal leadership strengths all while exploring the beautiful Saint Anselm College campus. After understanding leadership from three different perspectives - individual, group, and societal - students then learned to cultivate their skills to lead others and make a positive impact in their homes, schools, and community.



The curriculum for the leadership seminar is based on HOBY's vision to motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our society. HOBY believes students represent the future leaders of the world. By developing and understanding effective and compassionate leadership, we hope ambassadors will be able to realize their leadership potential, and take action in their homes, schools, and communities.


The HOBY program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and develops leadership from three perspectives:

  1. Personal Leadership     

  2. Group Leadership     

  3. Leadership for Society

We have an action packed weekend featuring a number of engaging, thought provoking, and fun activities and speakers, including:

  • Athletic, confidence, and community service related speakers

  • 4 Hours of Service at the NH Food Bank Production Garden

  • Leadership and Team Building Activities

  • Reflective Activities

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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